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Star Ocean Fandom!

Star Ocean is...

...a gaming franchise which originated in Japan. It is a Sci-fi/ Fantasy RPG with real time combat. Currently, these are the Star Ocean games in order of release date:

Star Ocean (SO1)
Star Ocean Second Story (SO2)
Star Ocean Blue Sphere (SO2 sequel)
Star Ocean Till the End of Time (SO3)
Star Ocean First Departure (remake of SO1)
Star Ocean Second Evolution (remake of SO2)
Star Ocean The Last Hope (SO4)

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My current fandoms/interests include: Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, Chi's Sweet Home, Professor Layton, Star Trek (all versions), Merlin, Doctor Who and Dragonball Z.

I am currently playing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP) and Dragon Quest IV and V (DS).

I am currently reading various webcomics- 'The Princess', 'Eve's Apple', 'Sfeer Theory', 'Starfighter', 'Teahouse', 'The Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal', 'The Super Gay Adventures of Ross Boston' and 'Oglaf'.
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